Made for the application.

Freedom to get your own design
Protect your sale of spare parts
Optimise performance
Smart gear solution
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It is definitely not impossible to get your “own” gear, which is produced specifically for your task. Radicon make it possible, and price competitive as well, even for a small series.
At Radicon, we have more than 70 years of experience in manufacturing industrial gear drives and gear motors. Our affiliation with ELECON, Asia's largest manufacturer in the field, also ensures access to competitive production capacity.
Our dedicated team of engineers and designers will work in partnership with you on the development of a transmission solution that is based on the requirements of your job. This will give you a product that is 100% optimised for the data and conditions, e.g. the physical conditions, life expectancy, etc., that are relevant to the specific design.
It is therefore no longer necessary to compromise or make do with standard off the shelf products when designing an industrial gearbox or gear motor.
We get a lot of these jobs, and they often have, as their starting point, the desire of the machine constructor to consider the entire life cycle of the product. This shows the need for a “made for the application” solution from Radicon.
With such a solution, the machine maker can better pursue its strategy of offering service, repair and maintenance - and, in particular, ensuring the sale of spare parts in that context.
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