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Rebuild of gears
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We will inspect your gearbox and get back with a quote

When you are in need of service or repair of industrial gearbox, geared motor or screwjack, regardless of brand, contact us and we will make the return of your unit to our works simple and seamless.
Once at the Radicon Service Centre we will assess the condition of the gearbox and what measures need to be taken to return the unit to a serviceable condition with a full 12 month “As New”** warranty.
At that point we will send you a full pictorial report showing the damaged parts and explaining our recommended course of action. Along with this report we will provide a financial quotation for the proposed measures.
Our service technicians will do repairs and maintenance at existing factories, both in acute breakdown scenarios and in the case of a planned expansion or upgrade.
Sometimes a repair is either not possible or not financially viable and the unit will require replacement. We work very closely with our sales and engineering team who will offer you a suitable alternative/replacement from the Radicon range.
Our engineers & technicians are respected within the industry and known for their high level of experience & broad competence.

**Our “As New” warranty covers all parts and labour in the unit whether replaced or not as long as you accept the recommendations within our report. So if (in the unlikely event) a gear breaks following repair we will repair the unit fully whether or not the part that has broken was included in the original repair.

Out of Hours

If you are an existing customer and your need is urgent, please contact Radicon via the emergency number outside of these hours 7:30-16:15 07808 093048.
If you are do not have an account with Radicon, please click HERE for our distribution network who will be able to help.
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