Benzler ScrewJack

Series BD

Can be delivered in stainless steel
Performance up to hundreds of tons
Advantageously used together with positioning


Benzler's BD series jacks are the solution if you need to lift, lower, push or pull a load. The product is advantageously used together with positioning.

Since the product introduction 60 years ago, we have solved countless tasks with our jacks. The applications have ranged from simple lifting devices to lifting e.g. manholes in large power plants, or road bridge openings.

In the paper industry, Benzler's BD jacks are often used for positioning knives, lifting & maintenance positioning of rolls, etc.

This product is also often used when you want an alternative to a hydraulic cylinder, e.g. for lifting tables and the like in the food or pharmaceutical industry. For these industries we often suggest a stainless steel jack variant.

The BD series consists of a comprehensive program, with performance from a few kilos to hundreds of tons. We manufacture jacks with both trapezoidal screw and ball screw.

The product catalogs are extensive, in them you can find e.g. protective bellows or protective pipes as well as many connection details to the surrounding environment.

Jack drives are all individuals and very rarely resemble each other.
We at Benzlers are well aware of this, so it is natural for us to, as far as possible, adapt our product to the customer's operation. Through this, we have also built a great deal of experience in driving jacks synchronously via advance gears, intermediate shafts or electronics.

Additional information


100, 125, 200, 27, 40, 58, 66, 86


Up to 800,000 N (81 tonnes) in a unit


Up to 5,4 m/min


Trapezoidal or ball screw


Traditional with cast iron housing, partial stainless steel or wholly stainless steel.

Special Features

Adaptable to the task., Can also be supplied as ATEX approved.